I have been developing websites for around 10 years now. Over those years I have worked with a large list of different programming languages, content managment systems, database systesms, and frameworks. I started out with simple HTML and CSS, creating static sites and learning how to best approach web development. When HTML5 was released a spent time learning all of the new tricks you could do and it was around this time that I started to work with content management systems. I have worked in Mojoporta a C# based CMS as well as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress which are all PHP based CMS. I have integrated these systems with frameworks like Twitter Bootstraps and Bones PHP theme. I manage website data for both Mojoportal sites as well as WordPress sites, giving me access and knowledge in mySQL and myPHPAdmin. I have worked with a handful of hosting companies like DreamHost, iPage, FatCow, and BlueHost as well as working with an in house server.

My development style starts with the structure. I like to get the framework settled, find all of my assets and plug in placeholders. I tend to make every element a terribly bright color so I can really see where every part is going to go. This is also a great way to ensure the site stays simple and easy to use. I focus on navigation and user interface, I want to create something that will enhance the web and the website.

As I work with the overly bright elements I am able to place them in the right order to ensure that when the site is viewed on a mobile platform, that the important data is easy to find. I work to make a site that will still be very helpful to a user on a smaller screen but will still hold true to the full version of the site. I will also take this time to make sure that my structure is search engine optimization friendly.

Once my structure is in place and I feel good about the mobile views I dive into the design of it all. Working with colors and fonts and images to create a beautiful, clean, and usable website. This is where development and design meet. As I work to create the beauty I have to be careful not to interrupt the usefulness s of the page. I work with Web Accessibility tools to help keep this in check, making sure the text color and background colors contrast enough for vision impaired users and things of that nature.

Despite having a hand in many web development pockets, I work mostly with WordPress. Coding in PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. I create custom themes that work for specific companies, I ensure easy editing for the content managers and provide training.